(4) HOUSE RULES POSTERS – PRINT SIZES 8.5×11 HOUSE RULES POSTER Home & Office Décor, Pt5 17 Caring for Cat 18 Playing in Game Room 19 Laundry Room 1 20 Laundry Room 2

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A well-managed house. Pets, laundry and game room. House rule posters, part V

There are differently shaped and sized houses out there. With all the various room types that exist, we have created a kit of wall art that fits well in every space in the house. Part V, the last package in the series, features laundry room prints for the best washing experience, a game room poster with guidelines to follow, and a cat care plaque to inspire you to look after the ones you have taken under your wing. An excellent and useful closing set, this pack of stylish designer wall art has some of the most useful posters for a happy and comfortable home.

  • There are 4 house rules home & office deco posters in the kit and they are all sized 8.5 x 11 inches (21.6 cm x 28 cm)
  • The prints:
    • Caring For a Cat, never forget to fill up the water bowl and change the sand in the litterbox
    • Playing in Game Room, keep it clean and neat at all times
    • Laundry Room 1, colors are important, sort them right!
    • Laundry Room 2, do not let the laundry pile up
  • With this kit of house rule posters you get two items in one, a decor that looks good and a print that has a real-life use
  • Each file in the package comes as a PDF file that can be downloaded and printed easily
  • For the best results, print the posters on a high-quality paper and frame them.


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