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“I attended Ms. Waters’ “Women Business Owners on the Move” seminar and appreciated the opportunity to attend such a forum. The contents of the seminar and networking opportunities are important and beneficial to the working community. I look forward to the next scheduled session.”

D. Williams-Collins, Aesthetician


“While attending one of Ms. Waters’ seminars, I received a wealth of information which helped me to structure and develop my business for success. The instruction/guidance in her tape was a valuable reference source for me. I have benefited greatly from the guidance and encouragement I received from her during the training and consultations.”

Ms. S. Clark, President: SSC Graphic Consultant


“With the advice and guidance of Ms. Waters, I obtained confidence in presenting myself to the public during public speaking engagements.”

Ms. Lovelace
President, A Touch of Iris


“I was contemplating starting a business when I called on Ms. Waters for advice and guidance because I wanted to save time and money on the start up phase of the business. Ms. Waters has been instrumental in helping me compile information on starting a leather accessory business. She has given me advice on how to contact sources for supplies, pointers on how to set up a web page, and how to network with others via the Internet, as well as financial advice.”

Ms. R. Shaw

Using Your Natural Talent to Make Money

Music is life. Music is wellness. Music is the other name of happiness. Music can very well become a career opportunity. You love to play the musical strings of a piano or you love to sing. Ever wondered you could turn your passion for music into a lifetime career? Well, it’s as true as anything.…
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Self Confidence and Charisma: Becoming A Charming Person

Self confidence is an asset that not everyone is lucky to possess. If you want to be a charming person, you ought to have self confidence. Irrespective of the situation, a self-confident person can create marvels with their confident approach and charisma. What exactly is self confidence and how is it tied to charisma? Self…
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Gift Giving and Receiving

When you talk of being human, the art of gift giving and receiving makes an automatic inclusion in the discussion. In fact, gifting is part and parcel of every culture, race, and tradition, since it is an integral part of the process of forging and maintaining relationships. There are endless reasons to present someone you…
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