(4) HOUSE RULES POSTERS – PRINT SIZES 8.5×11 _ HOUSE RULES POSTER Home & Office Décor, Pt4 13 Visiting Grandma’s House 1 14 Visiting Grandma’s House 2 15 Caring for Dog 16 Bathing Policy

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Visiting granny and looking after your furry best friend. House rule posters, part IV

It is important to remember your roots and take care of those who depend on you. This, part IV of the series focuses on responsibility, love, and care. It reminds you to visit grandma often enough. She is important and she should have a time of her life every day. Take care of her, for more, wonderful years together! The package also includes a dog care poster that touches on looking after a furry friend in your living space. All of the beings in your household deserve to be taken care of! Finally but not less importantly, another print in the kit works on bathing policy. So everyone at home can have a relaxing warm-water time.

  • There are 4 house rules home & office deco posters in the kit and they are all sized 8.5 x 11 inches (21.6 cm x 28 cm)
  • The prints:
    • Visiting Grandma’s House 1, remember your granny and give her some love
    • Visiting Grandma’s House 2, be neat and eat your plate clean no matter what!
    • Caring for Dog, an animal is not a toy, be sure to look after it
    • Bathing Policy, no wet puddles and hours in the bath, please
  • This is the perfect kit for those who have a lot of loved ones. By thinking of one family member you train your mind to think of them all!
  • The package is delivered to you instantly and can be stored on any device that supports PDF format
  • For the best results use high-quality paper and frame the prints.


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