(4) HOUSE RULES POSTERS – PRINT SIZES 8.5×11 _ HOUSE RULES POSTER Home & Office Décor, Pt3 9 Keeping a Godly House 1 10 Keeping a Godly House 2 11 Timing in Bathroom 12 Lending Money

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A house that is praised by the Lord. House rule posters, part III

A part III in the series, this kit focuses on the holiness of one’s house. It also provides you with posters that aim to achieve that your property always functions like clockwork. To bring that special feeling of spiritual ease in your private space and uplift the mood of each visitor. To have no bathroom timing arguments. And finally, maybe most importantly, to keep your money safe and lend it only to trustworthy people. This is another one of our unique and diverse packages of prints that strive to present house rules in appealing and fun manner.

  • There are 4 house rules home & office deco posters in the kit and they are all sized 8.5 x 11 inches (21.6 cm x 28 cm)
  • The posters:
    • Keeping A Godly House 1, make the Father proud of your humble home
    • Keeping A Godly House 2, have the best aura in your living space
    • Timing in Bathroom, nobody likes fighting for the bathroom it in the morning!
    • Lending Money, be smart with it and evaluate every person you give to
  • A great kit to have if you need versatile decor items with useful properties
  • The prints arrive to you in a PDF format and can be stored and opened with all of your devices that support PDF format
  • For better quality, print the posters on a high-quality paper and frame them.


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