(4) HOUSE RULES POSTERS – PRINT SIZES 8.5×11 _ HOUSE RULES POSTER Home Décor, Pt2 5 Keeping Your Job 1 6 Keeping Your Job 2 7 Cleaning Kitchen 8 Working Hard

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Staying on the top starts with a house that has an order! House rule posters, part II

A kit of designer posters that serves well for those that need a reminder to work harder and push stronger. For people who, once in a while, are in need of a gentle nudge in the direction of the dirty dish pile. For guests that require a reminder that tidiness is much appreciated. A part II of the series, this package of diverse prints is filled with inspiration and life smarts. It helps you clean up, be good at your job and give the best performance no matter the circumstances or place. At home and in the office, this is the set to get!

  • There are 4 house rules home & office deco posters in the kit and they are all sized 8.5 x 11 inches (21.6 cm x 28 cm)
  • The prints:
    • Keeping Your Job 1, never fail or look back, improve and overcome!
    • Keeping Your Job 2, stay in the game and a promotion will follow
    • Cleaning Kitchen after each and every meal and not when there is too much to handle
    • Working Hard, give all you have got and you will get noticed
  • A second, universal part of the series, this kit is perfect for decorating your home and office
  • All the posters come in PDF format and can be downloaded and stored on any of your devices that have a PDF reader
  • For better results, use a thicker paper and frame the prints.


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