(4) HOUSE RULES POSTERS – PRINT SIZES 8.5×11 _ HOUSE RULES POSTER Home & Office Décor, Pt1 1 Cleaning 2 Mooching 3 Snowy Day 4 Working Hard

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Order at home, keep it clean and tidy! House rule posters, part I

Home is where your heart is. When the place you live in is tidy, you are more joyous to return each and every evening. And, when you keep an order there is less cleaning that needs doing. So, to remind yourself to take care of your surroundings, grab our kit of stylish house-rule designer posters and decorate. The best part is, this package serves as much more than just useless wall-art. It reminds you to be your best self. To keep what is yours in order. If you are a messy person or the exact opposite, a clean surroundings enthusiast, this set of quality posters is just for you!

  • There are 4 house rules home & office deco posters in the kit. They are all sized 8.5 x 11 inches (21.6 cm x 28 cm)
  • The posters:
    • Cleaning, every day a little instead of once and a lot
    • Mooching, useless stuff will serve better for charity
    • Snowy day, there is a beauty in the snowflakes falling
    • Working Hard brings in high rewards
  • This is one of the most useful universal kits out there. It reminds your kids to behave, your guests to have manners and you to have the warmest home in the whole neighborhood
  • You receive the PDF posters instantly after a purchase, all you need to do is print them!
  • For better results use a high-quality paper and frame the prints.


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