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Visualize Your Career Success, with relaxation music, 15 min MP3
Visualize Your Business Success, with relaxation music, 15 min MP3
Managing Stress, 10 pages – PDF
Top Ten Ways to Cope with Stress, 2 pages – PDF
Relieving Stress with Spirituality, 2 pages – PDF

The educational audio is a powerful visualization tool to advance in your career through inspirational verbal instructions and soothing music. Learn to define and declare what you desire the most in your career and manifest the same in your life.

The success is right in front of you!

Visualize the desired success you want in life and achieve them. This album contains verbal instructions and soothing music to help you relax from a stressful day. In one easy step you can begin advancing in your career, business and life, today! It doesn’t matter where you are, stress can attack in any place and at any time if you do not know how to manage it. It can be caused by you feeling trapped, at home or at work, from filling in the same position at your job with seemingly no prospects of growth or you feeling like you are not reaching your maximum potential. In this comprehensive stress management and career growth course, you are thought to first visualize and then acquire. This kit shows you multiple ways of how to feel good and grow in your workplace, there is no more need to constantly be on your toes.

  • The package includes 5 files of which two are MP3 audio lessons accompanied by relaxing melody. Both, ‘’Visualize Your Career Success’’ and ‘’Visualize Your Business Success’’ run for 15 minutes
  • The three PDF files are aimed towards stress reduction, you can find your own way to loosen up by reading ‘’Top Ten Ways to Cope with Stress’’(2 pages), ‘’Relieving Stress with Spirituality’’(2 pages) or ‘’Managing Stress’’(10 pages)
  • The course is designed to help you as a whole, first, you have to feel good, then visualize your success and after that, grab that opportunity!
  • The PDF files are printable, so you can always have the access to a hard copy.
  • All of the files are downloadable to your favorite devices that support PDF and/or MP3 files
1. Life/Career Success Visualization 15:01
2. Business Success Visualization 15:00


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