TWO MOST POPULAR & BEST SELLER: 5 x7 Inspirational Prints & MP3 Audio #1 A Special Person; Thinking of You; and When Two Hearts Become One – Plaques; PDFs #1 Special Person; Thinking of You; and When Two Hearts Become One – Poems w/ music; MP3- Audios

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The most special kit, when you are on the go and need inspiration

Poems are healing. Especially for the soul. That is why this kit of audio poetry accompanied with uplifting melody is the ideal purchase. For those on the go and with stressful everyday schedules as well as individuals who just like to celebrate life. Listen to the pieces in your car, a bus or a train; let your body have a breath of fresh air during a busy day. The best part, you get more! When you do not feel like listening, feed your mind by looking and observing. The plaque prints in this package are ideal for it.

  • This is a vast inspirational audio & print kit. It is filled with uplifting and cleansing energy. Listen in to ‘’A Special Person’’, ‘Thinking of You’’ or ‘’When Two Hearts Become One’’ poems that are accompanied by flowing notes of music.
  • For each poetry piece, there is a matching plaque print in the kit. You can be inspired everywhere, at any time
  • Because of the freedom the kit offers, this is one of our most popular and best-selling packages in our store
  • All the plaques come in PDF format and the poems are delivered to you through MP3 files. They can be stored on multiple devices.
  • Use high-quality paper to acquire better-looking plaques.


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