TWO MOST POPULAR & BEST SELLER: 5 x7 Inspirational Prints & Audio
Wake Up America – Card, Words, Plaque, PDFs
Wake Up America – Poem with music; MP3- Audios

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For America, inspirational prints and audios

When morning comes and you do not want to get out of the bed, it is necessary to acquire some inspiration. No matter which coast you are at or what state you reside in, it is always a good morning in America if you possess the right mindset. With this kit of a plaque, card, words, and audios you can get in the mood to succeed even if you do not like your job or are facing difficult challenges. It is important to feel good the second you wake up so grab a cup of coffee, listen in to the audio and read the plaque. Prepare to have the best day yet!

  • The ‘’Wake Up America’’ inspirational prints & audio consist of a card, words, PDFs, and plaque as well as MP3 audios
  • This is one of our best-selling & most popular packages for a reason. Not many people feel inspired or want to get out of bed in the early morning. ‘’Wake Up America’’ changes that!
  • The MP3 audio consists of a poem that is accompanied by an uplifting melody. Listen in on it while driving, at the breakfast table or set it up as your alarm tune
  • All of the files in the kit can be downloaded and stored on multiple devices that you possess
  • You can print the PDF files instantly. A word of advice, use a higher-quality paper for better results.


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