A Touch of Inspiration: Waters Poetry Collection – PART I


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Spoken Word Inspirational Poetry

(15 audio poems read by author with soothing music)

How to Become a Singer/Songwriter, 12 pages PDF

How to Write Poetry, 2 pages PDF

The audio download with inspiration poems and messages of love is your ultimate recourse to finding peace within you. Uplift your spirit and heal your soul with the daily words of encouragement.

Your collection of poetic musings

If inspiration is something that you are lacking in your life at the moment, this kit of poetry and short lessons is the perfect remedy. We have compiled fifteen encouraging audio poems read by a talented author and accompanied them with a soothing melody. The uplifting Waters poetry collection is the ideal cure for stress, you can listen to it in your spare time or when your mind is heavy. And if by any chance you wish to create poetry or songs on your own, the package also contains two materials on how to improve your writing or become a singer.

  • ‘’A Touch of Inspiration: Waters Poetry Collection – PART I’’ is a spoken word inspirational poetry collection of fifteen audio poems in both, MP3 and WAV formats
  • The package contains two PDF files, a ‘’How to Become a Singer/Songwriter’’(12 pages) and a ‘’How to Write Poetry’’(2 pages)
  • All of the files can be downloaded and kept on multiple devices you posses
  • You can print and create hard copies of your PDF files, in case reading from computer is not your favorite thing to do
  • The Spoken Word Inspirational poetry encourages and soothes, it is meant for you to relax and be ready to face the world once more.

This CD includes inspirational poems with messages of love and hope. These messages will help to uplift the spirit, heal the soul and provide daily words of encouragement. Soothing background music added to help you relax.


1. A Special Person 1:033
2. Grandma’s Cookin’ 2:124
3. A Good Friend 1:17
4. Wake Up America 2:44
5. A Friend Is 1:54
6. When Two Hearts Become One 1:17
7. A Touch of Inspiration 1:07
8. A Special Graduate 1:07
9. A Victory Prayer 0:42
10. Our Love 1:00
11. Wishing You Love 0:46
12. My Father’s Love 1:04
13. It’s Time to Pray 3:41
14. Garden of Life 1:18
15 He is There 1:012


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