Love and Respect – Digital Presentation Kit
Whiteboard animation introduction with music, mp4

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Love and respect the world, nature, and each other
Love is such a wide concept, it has many variations. What is important, the emotion can heal your spirit and soul. Because of that, our course asks a very important question, perhaps the most crucial of them all. Do you love and respect yourself?

Think about it and answer truthfully. The inquiry is so important because everything in your life starts with you. If you know that you love yourself, that you respect the decisions you make, you can spread the emotion on others and positively impact not only your life but everybody else’s as well. Learn to love who you are through our program of positive impacts, take valuable life-lessons from the course and program them into your subconsciousness.

● The love & respect program is introduced to you in a lightweight manner, through a whiteboard animation with a lingering melody in MP4 format
● The heartwarming package features the following:
○ 8 Ways to Love and Respect Others (11 pages)
○ PowerPoint Slide Presentation
○ Fear Not Scriptures for Healing, a PDF poem of 1 page
○ Love Is Healing Message, an uplifting PDF poem
○ Love your Neighbor, an audio poem in WAV format. Accompanied by inspirational background music
○ A – Z bookmark with scriptures, in color red
○ The Cross Lord’s Prayer, a journal with a color cover
○ Workbook (10 pages)

● As a bonus you will receive:
○ 12 inspirational cards in PDF. They, as well as the rest of the PDFs, can be printed or stored on multiple devices

● We all need a little bit of love, start slow, with yourself and build up through our comprehensive course teaching you about the different kinds of the affectionate emotion
● ‘’What’s Love Got to Do with It’’(11 pages) is featuring a segment that teaches about healthy relationships with people all around you. It is titled ‘’8 Ways to Love and Respect Others’’.


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