Career Survival Kit (Surviving in the Workplace) + BONUSES

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Live and strive in the environment you are in!
Your workplace is where you spend most of your time during the day. It is important to feel good doing what you are paid for. This package is meant to help you feel comfortable doing your job. No matter if you are trying to get in a rhythm of a new workplace or just need some advice on surviving at your old and known space of occupation, this kit holds knowledge and tips as well as tricks towards a more harmonical career growth. Get in the mood to go to work through our inspirational messages, motivational speeches, and readable materials filled with valuable information.

A great package is not whole without a treasure box. As a bonus item, you receive some priceless free material to skim through and learn from. Never stop learning, always continue improving!

● An extensive course that features an introductory PowerPoint presentation and a PDF Ebook on Career survival.
● You are also provided two journal files that are workplace themed and a workbook to train yourself through.
● When you have no time to read or when you are on the go, the three mp3 files in the kit are designed to inspire, motivate and help you visualize success.
● Additional goodies in the package are a career survival challenge and a game for your workplace.
● All of the files in the kit can be downloaded and stored on multiple devices that you possess. All of the PDF files can be made into hard copies.


+ 10 Things Men Should Know pdf
+ 10 Things Women Should Know pdf
+ Working our Way in as We Dine Pt1.mp4
+ Finger Bowl Etiquette.wav


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