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Write a plan, open a business
There are thousands of businesses out there and they are all different from each other. But they also have something in common and that something is their beginnings. If you consider starting an entrepreneurship and are serious about it, a business plan is going to be one of the most important parts. A plan is the thing that decides if your idea is going to be picked up or left on a shelf to collect dust. This kit is designed to train you in writing a winning entrepreneurship proposal that will line up the investors and bring countless possibilities.

• The package includes two valuable files, a PowerPoint presentation of 100 slides titled ‘’Business Plan Course’’ and a PDF Ebook of 10 pages titled ‘’The Business Plan: Sample Contents’’
• As a third, bonus item, a link to a Business Plan Template is included. There are many ways to write a entrepreneurship proposal but we give you the best layout option out there
• All files are downloadable and can be stored on multiple devices of your choosing
• Thanks to the convenient use of PowerPoint, you can use the slide show option and observe the course as a presentation
• The files can also be printed and stored as hard copies for when the computer is powered off.


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