Personal Development Kit – Women
Personal Grooming Tips


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Personal Development Kit – Women (100 PowerPoint Flash pages course)

Personal Grooming Tips
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The woman striving to be her best self

Self-development is important in any and all aspects of life. Without personal growth, it is easy to get stuck and hard to advance. This personal development flash-course is specifically designed for all the women out there who want to know, do and learn more, who strive to achieve the most optimal outcome in their lives. In addition to the throughout PDF course, the package also includes personal grooming tips, so your inner growth can always be mirrored by a professional and clean appearance. Be your best self, always. In business, as well as during leisure times.

Parallelly to self-development, it is crucial to make the right financial decisions. Take care of your wealth. Grow it, improve your circumstances, and be a real, 100% boss. How? This package contains a unique treasure box just for you! Get various tips and learn about tricks everyone should know.

  • The package includes 100 page PowerPoint self-development flash course and Personal Grooming Tips
  • The downloadable files can be stored in any folder on all of your favorite devices
  • If you have the need for a hard copy, it is possible to print the pages and store them wherever it is most convenient for you
  • The lessons do not beat around the bush, they get straight to the point and are ideal for everyday learning and use, hold them close and expand your mind each day of the week
  • Thanks to the use of PowerPoint you can view the course as a slideshow, sit back and read it slide by side.


+ 10 Things Women Should Know.pdf
+ 25 Ways to Save and Invest.pdf
+ 25 Tips for Frugal Living to Pay Off Debt.pdf
+ 50 Ways to Get Financial Help.pdf


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