Love & Respect and Hope Combination Kit (Christians)
Whiteboard animation introduction with music, mp4
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A little more hope brings love & respect along
Sometimes it seems that the odds are stacked against you, in business or at home. It is easy to have a negative outlook on life in these instances. What many do not realize, though, is that success is very dependent on the mindset one possesses. A tunnel might be dark but a person with hope will never give up. An individual with thoughts fueled by love can see through all of the blackness and thrive in unfavorable circumstances. Our course helps you with developing a positive outlook on life, in any situation, there is a solution. Come out on top no matter what obstacles life throws at you!

● The course is introduced to you through a whiteboard animation with a cheerful melody in an MP4 format. It is easy to understand and digest
● The love, respect, and hope kit is for those who want to train their brain to be happy instead of seeing negatives everywhere, it lifts spirits, brings emotional support and educates at the same time.
● LOVE & RESPECT titled ‘’What’s Love Got to Do With It’’:
○ 8 Ways to Love and Respect Others (11 pages in total)
○ PowerPoint Slide Presentation
○ Fear Not Scriptures For Healing, a 1-page poem
○ Love is Healing Message PDF poem
○ Love Your Neighbor, an audio poem with music in WAV format
○ Workbook (10 pages)

○ Walking in Hope I & II (7 pages each)
○ PowerPoint Slide Presentation
○ Hope Quote for framing
○ Benefits of Being Hopeful scriptures in PDF format
○ A Touch Of Inspiration audio poem with music in WAV format
○ Top 7 Tips on Making Improvements on the Job (1 page)
○ Praying Hands, Lord’s Prayer, a journal with a color cover
○ The Cross Lord’s Prayer, a journal with a color cover
○ A – Z bookmark with scriptures, in colors red & blue
○ Workbook (10 pages)

● In addition to the usual contents, you receive two bonus files:
○ 12 printable Inspirational cards
○ Table Comportment, a table setting dinnerware chart printable in up to size 14 x 22 (35,6 cm x 55,9 cm)

● All of the PDF files can be printed and kept as hard copies
● All of the files can be stored on multiple devices. It requires a device that supports WAV files to listen to the audios. The PDFs can be read through any gadget that supports the PDF format.


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