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Your own business success and public speaking kit
You are on a way to success. How do we know that? Because you are here. This kit is for those who want to take reigns in their own hands and create their own business. It is filled with files that encourage and teach. They cover all bases on starting that first, or second, business entity of yours. The kit also touches on one of the biggest fears of many, public speaking. A great leader needs to know how to stand in front of a crowd and look sure of himself. You are a great leader in making. Grab this all-inclusive package and learn to be the best!

Next to the countless files from the base kit, you are presented with a free treasure box filled with some welcome bonuses. Covering the quirks of the business world is important. So dive in and check out that material!

● There are seven PowerPoint presentations in the kit, they touch on getting Construction Licenses, Getting started in the business, What and How in Gift basket business, Import and Export secrets, and Sublimation Heat Press.
● You are provided with two voice files, ‘’Career Success Visualization’’ and ‘’Public speaking’’. They help you learn even on the go
● With two journals, a 10-day challenge, 2 games, a quiz and a workbook, you can have a hands-on approach to your learning experience, don’t just listen and read, do it yourself!
● What we have for you on public speaking:
○ Introduction to Public Speaking – managing fear and building confidence in front of an audience, a 100 slide PowerPoint presentation
○ Public Speaking – An Ebook on managing your fears
○ Do’s and Don’ts of Public Speaking
○ Removing Fears of Public Speaking – an extensive Ebook
○ 2 Public Speaking Checklists
○ Say it in The Right Way- overcome your fears and deliver speeches properly
○ 100 Famous Speeches and List of Topics
○ Ten steps – get rid of your fears
● The files in the kit are downloadable on multiple devices and can be printed.


+ Newspaper Ask ME – Getting Started Pt1.pdf
+ Million Dollar Business.pdf
+ Informal Dining.mp4
+ Formal Dining.mp4


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