Hope – Digital Presentation Kit
Whiteboard animation introduction with music, mp4

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The most wonderful hope and how not to lose it
Only those who hope never lose their true self, they never give up on life and the gifts it can give. What our course touches on is why it is good to have an optimistic outlook on each and every thing, to have dreams and goals, aspirations that need reaching. The kit strives to show that there are countless opportunities pouring your way and with a positive, hopeful perspective, they are much easier to notice and take. If you need a touch of inspiration, to continue on and live life with a healthy attitude, this package is the one for you!

● The program is introduced to you in an easygoing manner, through a whiteboard animation (MP4) and with cheerful music accompanying it.
● The kit features:
○ Walking in Hope I & II, inspirational mini ebooks (7 pages each)
○ PowerPoint Slide Presentation
○ Benefits of Being Hopeful scriptures in PDF format
○ Hope quote for framing
○ A Touch of Inspiration, an audio poem with an uplifting melody in WAV format
○ Top 7 Tips on Making Improvements On the Job (1 page)
○ A – Z bookmark with scriptures, in color blue
○ Praying Hands, Lord’s Prayer, a journal with a color cover
○ Workbook (10 pages)

● There is also a bonus item included:
○ Table Comportment, an enlightening PDF table setting dinnerware poster that prints up to sizes 14 x 22 (35,6 cm x 55,9 cm)

● All of the files can be downloaded and stored on multiple devices
● If there is a need for any hard copies you can print all of the PDF files. The WAV and MP4 files can be copied to a flash drive or a CD/DVD.


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