Nos25-36 WORDS OF WISDOM 8.5×11, PART 3 5 Styles: Black, Green, Tan, White Borders & Tan Center Your Day, Forgive, Little Things, Big Mouth Shut, Talking About Me, One Day, I Am Happy, God Will Do It, Don’t Say It, Don’t Hate, Don’t Worry, Successful

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An online database of posters focusing on success and happiness, part III

To live a successful life one has to possess a certain mindset. For each and every person succeeding means a different thing but the road is similar for all. First, think. Second, achieve! This kit of multiple inspiring and enlightening designer posters is the ideal wall-art set to have as it strives to remind us to be our best selves. The prints fit in well in any and all households as they come in different colors and cover a wide range of topics. For those who need some encouragement on their way to greatness as well as a charge of happiness, this is a kit to get!

  • The last part of words of wisdom series comes in five different styles; Black, Green, Tan, White Borders, and Tan Center; You have plenty of options to choose from!
  • he online gallery of prints comes with twelve designs listed below:
    • Your Day, every day is special in a way
    • Forgive, don’t hold the burden inside
    • Little Things, those matter, they make up the bigger parts in life
    • Big Mouth Shut, nobody wants to hear a mean speech
    • Talking About Me, let them, it means you are interesting!
    • One Day can make all the difference
    • I Am Happy, life is too short to be down all the time
    • God Will Do It, he takes care of all his creations
    • Don’t Say It, be polite and do not hurt those who are not hurting you
    • Don’t Hate, it takes too much energy that could be put in something useful instead
    • Don’t Worry, everybody makes mistakes. We learn from them
    • Successful, you are and will always be. As long as you try
  • A kit that features 60 prints and teaches you to be polite and succeed. No matter the situation, you can do it. You can overcome everything!
  • All of the files arrive to you in PDF format and can be printed in sizes 8.5 x 11 inches  (21.6 cm x 28 cm)
  • For better results use thick paper and frame the prints.


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