Nos1-12 WORDS OF WISDOM 8.5×11, PART 1 5 Styles: Black, Green, Tan, White Borders & Tan Center Change of Heart, Stop Worrying, Do What’s Right, Believe It, Count Your Blessings, Good Life, Think, Holy Spirit, Do It Today, Happiness, The Price, Love Yourself

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The online database of inspirational designs in various colors, part I

Have you just moved into a new apartment? Does your house call for redecorating? Maybe you need a gift for a close friend? Or an inspirational charge? We have grouped twelve very uplifting designer posters and you have the opportunity to grab them all at once. Choose the color you like best and enjoy instant delivery of wall-art that speaks to each and every person in an individual manner. Make your home warmer, have something that reminds you to appreciate life, and always succeed as with enough inspiration nothing is impossible!

  • The kit of words of wisdom comes in five different styles; Black, Green, Tan, White Borders, and Tan Center. You can choose which tone is the best for your home!
  • The online gallery of prints comes with twelve designs listed below:
    • Change Your Heart, to find better solutions
    • Stop Worrying and enjoy what God has given you
    • Do What’s right because you always feel it in your heart
    • Believe it as belief creates reality
    • Count Your Blessings, do not forget to be thankful and positive
    • Good Life, life is only as good as you let it be
    • Think! Without your brain, you are just a mindless follower
    • Holy Spirit, that we all have in our souls
    • Do It Today, tomorrow is for new adventures
    • Happiness, what would you do without it?
    • The Price, to live and thrive
    • Love Yourself and everyone else will follow
  • This is one of the most versatile packages out there. You get a little bit of everything in the right dosage. The total amounts of prints in the kit are 60!
  • All of the files arrive to you in PDF format and can be printed in sizes 8.5 x 11 inches  (21.6 cm x 28 cm)
  • For better results use thick paper and frame the prints.


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