How to Tie a Tie
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Tie a knot, make a tie
From Half Windsor to the full one, from The Four-In-Hand to a Bow Tie, what kind of animals are those? Did you even know that there is more than one way to tie a tie? Or is the art of making a knot as alien to you as the Green Martians themselves? Well, this course is here to answer some questions and teach you about a couple of tie knots. We know it is hard to remember them all but there is no need for that, with this throughout package you can check it anytime and make a new tangle. There is no reason for you to buy a fake tie on an elastic string, this kit can teach you how to do it right!

● The course titled ‘’How to Tie a Tie’’ consists of a lengthy 40 slide PowerPoint flash presentation and a mini PDF ebook of 10 pages
● There are many ways of tying a tie, if you are a man determined to find the most comfortable way or a woman with a wish to help like they did in the old-timey movies, grab a course and never look back
● The PowerPoint flash course can be viewed as a slideshow, sit back, relax and enjoy the lesson. For better results, though, copy the PowerPoint course flash file to CD/DVD and not a flash drive
● Both of the files can be stored on multiple devices, if it supports PDF and/or PowerPoint it can display the contents of the kit
● If you are in need of hard copies, find a printer and print the files, it is that easy!


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