How to Hold a Glass & Toasting

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Diving into table manners: toasts and glasses
Have you noticed how there are different ways in each culture, city and even household of doing things? It is all about how you are taught but the issue with that is, sometimes we adapt things that we know nothing about. Our comprehensive course on toasts and holding glasses properly touches on the right ways to act at a table with important guests. Will it be a business dinner filled with old money or a meal hosted by high-standing people. A wedding even. Impress everyone with your polished manners no matter the situation you are in.

● The package titled ‘’How to Hold a Glass & Toasting’’ features 40 slide PowerPoint flash course and a mini PDF ebook of 6 pages
● There are so many aspects of manners at the dinner table that we have decided to deliver them to you in smaller, easily digestible pieces that focus on one thing thoroughly instead of touching everything and teaching nothing
● The PowerPoint file can be watched as a slide show, it is easy to understand, to the point and filled with relevant information
● Both of the files can be downloaded on multiple devices and opened with programs that support PDF and/or PowerPoint
● If you are in need of acquiring hard copies all you need to do is locate the closest printer and put it on the job!
● For better results copy the PowerPoint course flash file to CD/DVD and not a flash drive.


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