Guide to Starting a Business Course Plus great bonuses!

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The Knicks and Knacks of getting everything in order to start a business
You have made the first steps and decided to start your own entrepreneurship journey. What is necessary to know? How to get your trademarks and patents in order? How to work in mass production? Most importantly, how to write a winning business plan that will bring investors piling up at the door? This comprehensive kit covers all bases. Get started with the course at your side, have a winning mindset, and make sure you are protected from sharks, tricksters, and scammers. Have your work properly copyrighted, so nobody can steal your success!

Are you looking for success in every situation? You know what helps? Constantly acquiring knowledge. That is why we have included a free treasure box in this package just for you. The knicks and knacks of things that are useful and will help you keep going when the times get though.

● The ‘’Guide to Starting a Business’’ is a course that includes:
○ Getting Started including Buy Outs – introduction to the overall course and light information on starting your own business
○ Marketing including Import-export – The ins and outs of the trade business. Supply and demand as well as logistics
○ Business Opportunities & Ideas – how to spot a money making a deal. Profitable entrepreneurship options
○ Financial Report – keep your finances in order. Avoid tax audits by keeping your books well managed
○ Business Plan – Important for bringing in investors. A winning business plan can decide the faith of your entity
○ Mass Production including Trademark, Copyright, Patent – protecting your assets from dishonest individuals

● The massive package consists of PowerPoint slide deck and 15 highly helpful programs of over 1000 pages. The ideal business startup and management kit that focuses on personal development as well as entrepreneurship success.
● The business training course part comes with a Certificate of Achievement
● All of the files (MS Word, PDF & PowerPoint) can be downloaded and stored on multiple devices
● For hard copies, locate the nearest printer and make it work!


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