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Be your own boss, create and run your own business
The first step of financial freedom is realizing that you are ready. It is time to create your own thing and stop following others. Cease to earn money for someone else and bring it in your own pocket. There are many directions for a business to go. What is your passion? What are you good at? What are your priorities? If you are at a crossroads and need some guidance, this course can provide you with ideas and options. It gives solid entrepreneurship advice as well as personal development lessons that together can bring out the unstoppable force in you.

Do you love freebies? We sure do! So, in this package, we have included a treasure box relevant to your needs. Some general information that is worth keeping in mind as well as an inspirational message to keep you going no matter what. It is all here and all you need to do is reach out and grab it!

● The “Create Your own Job Series’’ is a course that includes:
○ Quick Start – Audios for easier information digestion
○ Getting Started in Business – the first steps to make, business strategies and legal necessities
○ Getting a Construction State License – From A to Z, beginning to build legally
○ Starting an Import-Export Business – The advantages and issues that may arise, everything you need to know to be able to succeed
○ How to Start a Gift Basket Business – Suppliers, buyers, locations that are optimal for the business and insider information
○ Sublimation: T-Shirt Printing Business – the relevant technology of today. How to provide the best and most unique service

● The package consists of PowerPoint slide deck and 6 educational programs of over 600 pages. It is packed with relevant and useful information about various entrepreneurship options.
● The business Training part is accompanied by a Certificate of Achievement
● The kit touches on many subjects. It is packed with valuable and irreplaceable information that can help you figure out a direction to take or get deeper into a subject that you are already interested in. It also focuses heavily on personal development
● All of the files (MS Word, PDF & PowerPoint) in the package can be downloaded and stored on multiple devices
● In case you are in need of hard copies, all you need is a printer to make them.


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