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The art of writing winning business emails: men
Have you ever typed up a work email and thought that it does not sound formal enough? Have there been instances where you realize that you have no idea how to properly format your business mail? We get it, in this day and age, it is easy to forget the etiquette of the written word, amongst instant messages and emojis it might seem useless. However, the importance of this letter typed up on a computer has not gone anywhere, if anything, it is taken more seriously as it shows a person’s intelligence level and respect for others. If you have a single doubt, grab our course for men in entrepreneurship and start doing it right, make that deal instead of breaking it!

● The kit is comprehensive and to the point, it features 40 page PowerPoint Flash course titled ‘’Business Emails: MEN’’ as well as a mini PDF ebook of 5 pages. We get right to the point so you can improve now!
● If you have apprehensions about your writing style, grab a course, brush up on your knowledge and never worry again
● The course answers some pretty important questions. From how to carry one tone throughout the email to always being professional. From knowing how to make the other side see exactly what you mean to getting them to take you seriously at all times
● Both of the files in the package can be downloaded and stored on multiple devices. However, for better results copy the PowerPoint course flash file to CD/DVD and not a flash drive
● There is no problem with making hard copies, find a printer and make it work!


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