THREE MOST POPULAR & BEST SELLER Poems with MP3 Audios A Touch of Inspiration, I Forgive You, and #1 You Are a Special Person

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Poems to heal and enlighten your soul

When your ears long for lyrical relief and an inspirational charge, it is good to have something to listen to. Something uplifting and liberating. This kit of flowing audio poems is featuring pieces that build self-love and confidence, teach to forgive yourself for making mistakes and give you the opportunity to let go of the anger that you have against other individuals. It also provides you with the energy to strive for success and the best life you could possibly have. Bring your talents out, let the rhythm guide your movements and get ready to be your best self.

  • The package features three highly important spiritual MP3 poems. ‘’A touch of inspirations’’ lifts up your spirit, ‘’I Forgive You’’ teaches to let go, and ‘’You are A Special Person’’ reminds that each of us matters
  • Our poems are some of the most popular & best-selling products in our shop, partly because they are accompanied by a light melody that further relaxes and encourages the listener to fight on and never give up
  • The poems also come in PDF word format so you can read, print and frame them
  • All of the files in the package can be downloaded and stored on multiple devices
  • When you are feeling down, it is important to have something that brings you back up or offers a lifeline. Our poems are designed to tell you that you are not alone!


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