Tea Party for Kids Course (Personal Development for Kids)

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Developing through fun activities, kids hosting tea parties
Children, our pride and joy, develop and grow through experiences and real-life lessons. Tea parties, for example, teach table manners and let children mimic and understand as well as relate to adults. They also train imagination and help with practicing conversational interactions. This comprehensive course touches on all points that need covering when planning a tea party, from guest lists to seating arrangements as well as shopping lists and table decorations. Help your little one get into character and let his or her eyes shine. Because, in a kids eyes, there is nothing better than hosting a real tea party!

● The comprehensive package titled ‘’Tea Party For Kids’’ contains a 45 slide PowerPoint flash course and a mini PDF ebook of 20 pages
● The ideal mind and manner training kit that teaches and develops in a fun and interesting manner
● The best way to teach anything is through real-life examples. This kit of files shows you how to do just that
● Both of the files can be downloaded and stored on multiple devices. If it supports PDF and/or PowerPoint, it can display the lessons
● In case you are in need of hard copies, all that you need to do is find a working printer!


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