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This phenomenal set of motivational mp3s is just the thing you wanted to encourage you to overcome fears and apprehensions to start a business and be your own boss.

The ultimate business startup package

Do you need to get motivated to start your business? Do you want to get help right away with your business start up? No time to take a class because of your busy schedule? This program is for you! Simply listen to these mp3s at home, work or play. Working for others can bring you down but it is also scary to make those first steps creating your own business and becoming your own boss. That is why this phenomenal entrepreneurship set of motivational materials is just the thing you need. It provides both, encouragement and solid advice so you can overcome your fears and apprehensions towards doing your own thing as well as acquire knowledge of basic business principles. It is not only about what you know it is also about the mindset you possess and our kit is here to guide you through it all.

  • The complete package includes one PDF Ebook, six MP3 Audio files and two bonus audios titled ‘’Your Colors Look Great’’(7 min) and ‘’Color’’(6 min) that give you a basic explanation of the meaning of colors in your life
  • The course includes a broad 87-page PDF business startup guide titled ‘’Guide to Starting a Business’’ that is the one book everyone should consider reading when thinking of starting a company, corporation or even a partnership
  • The six Audio files are titled as follows: Successful Business Startup(15 min), Why Are You Afraid?(5 min), Visualize Your Business Success(15 min), Visualize Your Career Success(15 min), Steps to Success Business Series(5 min) and Getting Started – Intro. to Create Your Own Job Series(20 min)
  • The ideal course for those who need both, motivation and information
  • All of the files in the package are downloadable and can be stored on the devices you use the most. The PDF file is printable and the MP3 files can be recorded on DVD’s and flash drives alike.


+ BONUS: Your Colors Look Great, 7 min.
+ BONUS: Color, 16 min.


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