Pricing Products
50 Ways to Get Financial Help
Pricing and Selling Your Products

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Find the right price, get the funding you need
Millions of items get sold every day but for each product traded there is at least one that stayed on the shelf to collect dust. From marketing your brand to setting the right prices, from calculating the expenses to getting the funding you need, there are many specs that need to be taken in consideration and this course covers a major part of them. The knowledge packed in it revolves around you finding the optimal market price for the goods you are selling as well as getting your financial part covered, will it be loans, investments, initial offerings or something else altogether.

● The vast package includes three compact ebooks filled with the most relevant information in the industry of trading
● There are two books focusing on pricing the products you are selling, ‘’Pricing Products’’ of 10 pages and ‘’Pricing and Selling Your Products’’ of 7 pages. It is crucial to find the right starting price to set and this course helps you to deal with figuring out the supply and demand issues
● In addition to the two PDF ebooks of pricing, the package includes a ‘’50 Ways to Get Financial Help’’. It is a 5-page quick read that gives an idea of where to look for funding
● All of the files can be downloaded on multiple devices and viewed on any gadget that supports PDF format
● If you need hard copies, a quick visit to the nearest printer will provide you with them.


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