Guide to Starting a Business – PDF Ebook, 87 pages with PDF Workbook, 15 pages.

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On the road of starting your own business

Have you come to the conclusion that it is time for you to stop earning money for others and start your own journey of entrepreneurship? If the answer is ‘’yes’’ then you are in the right place, this course is meant for you. It doesn’t matter if you are just interested in learning about the world of business or testing out the waters already, knowledge is gold and that is what this package offers. With not only a book that will still be relevant in days yet to come but also a Workbook that helps your brain cells develop, you can start establishing a knack for leadership.

  • The Guide to Starting a business is an 87 page PDF Ebook and it is accompanied by a PDF Workbook of 15 pages
  • Both of the books are printable. You can have a hard copy of the reading material as well as the textbook
  • The files can be saved on multiple devices and in any folder that is convenient for you
  • This is the perfect beginner’s guide with throughout information presented in an easily understandable manner

The workbook in the package lets you not only read but also exercise and train for your business ventures.


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