Getting to Know You

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A piece of you in the diary of memories
Only you know all the secrets that you hold, but why not share a piece of you with somebody important in your life? Why not put down in words what you like, who you admire and the motto you live by? After all, one day it might be a great piece to reflect on, to see how you have grown as a person, how your thoughts have evolved during months, years and even decades. Get to know yourself better by filling out the blanks in this ebook, write your own story of who you are and share it or keep it at an arm’s length. Put your memories in ink, for safe keeping.

• The fill-in-the-blanks kind of PDF ebook titled ‘’Getting to Know You’’ is 65 pages long and can be filled with your knowledge, wisdom, and smarts. If you want to share it with somebody who needs guidance, pack it with valuable lessons!
• If you decide to keep the ebook for yourself, you can turn over its pages in the future and marvel in the ink you turned into words, study how you have grown, and reflect on the past
• The book can be downloaded on all devices that support the PDF format
• You can print multiple copies of the book, one to keep and one to gift for that special person in your life. Sharing is caring and investing a part of you can be very rewarding
• Let people learn from your life, leave a memory of yourself behind, your words are not empty and someone will appreciate each and every thing you have to say.


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