Easy Business For Women With Little Or No Money – Audio

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Easy Business For Women With Little Or No Money – Audio (8 MP3s, approx. 6 hrs running time) with PDF Workbook, 12 pages, and “101 Things to Avoid when Starting a Business”, 6 pages.

Little or no money? Worry not! This downloadable audio book with 7 chapters is your key to becoming a successful woman entrepreneur!

Study business on the go!

You are a busy Entrepreneur, we know that! So, why not make all the extra time you get work for you? If you are in a car, on the run, taking your lunch break or sitting on a busy train, grab our audiobook and acquire knowledge. The stage of dreaming is over, it is time for you to get into the world of entrepreneurship, you can do it! Absorb information, find out new things and empower yourself to run a successful business with little or no money. With our throughout course for women who want to be the leaders of their own wealth, you can start a journey towards greatness today!

  • The course includes three items, an audiobook titled ‘’Easy Business For Little Or No Money’’, a PDF workbook of 12 pages and a mini-book of 6 pages titled ‘’101 Things to Avoid When Starting a Business’’
  • The audiobook is delivered to you in an MP3 format and runs for approximately six hours
  • Our compiled list of 101 Things to Avoid When Starting a Business is short and to the point, a fast and informative guide that will take close to no time to read and re-read.
  • The course is meant for those who want to start their own exploration of entrepreneurship and are on a budget, however, it also contains useful ‘’life smarts’’ information that everyone can find valuable

7 Chapters plus resources, Mp3s

Listen to this audio book while exercising, cooking, or commuting to work. Download all chapters in mp3 format. This unabridged audio version of the book is read by the author.

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