Two Mini Courses Business Email and Business Handshake-WOMEN Include bonuses

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The powerful business woman with pristine emails and handshakes
In the wide world of business, where your ability to follow etiquette is highly valued, a handshake or a work email can make or break a deal. When you send a virtual letter, the recipient does not see you and interprets your language according to your writing style and grammar. When you meet a person, the first thing you do is shake their hand. It is the first impression of the business world. This package touches on two important subjects, it covers all bases and gives you the freedom to always have lessons to return to. Emails and tones you should use, handshakes and strength you should apply, the kit covers it from A to Z.

● The valuable package contains two PowerPoint flash courses. ‘’Business Email’’ of 40 slides and ‘’Business Handshake’’ of 32 slides
● The first impression you are going to make at someone you just met is through a handshake, do not underestimate the importance of the gesture
● The other party does not see your face when they read your emails, they have to interpret what you are saying through your writing style. Make sure the recipient gets a crystal clear message
● Both of the presentations can be downloaded and stored on all of your favorite devices
● In case you are in need of hard copies, find a printer and make it work!


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