Two Mini Course Men Business Emails and Business Handshake + BONUSES

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Business emails and handshakes, the little things that matter immensely: Men
Business etiquette is a broad subject and every insider knows that even the smaller things matter. In this package, we touch upon the importance of an excellent handshake as well as virtual impressions. To attract new partners investors and even buyers you have to be able to show a level of professionalism and that is why we are here. You will start from formatting and layout of your email to grammar. You will learn the right ways to start an email conversation. You will start from a good to a money-losing handshake. And it can be during a first and or a hundredth meeting. All the details are in the kit, there is no stone left unturned.

● The smart kit for men features two PowerPoint slide flash courses, a 40-page guide on Business Emails and a 32-page topic on Business Handshakes
● First physical contact you have with somebody is through a handshake, do not underestimate the importance of the gesture
● Emails are tricky because the other party does not see your face, they have to interpret what you are saying through your writing style. Make sure the recipient understands you clearly by taking notes from this speedy course
● Both of the files can be downloaded on multiple devices and opened through gadgets that support PowerPoint. For better results copy the PPT course flash files to a CD/DVD and not a flash drive
● In case you are in need of hard copies, the closest printer can remedy the situation.


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