Business Handshaking: WOMEN Plus great bonuses!

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First impressions, a ‘’How To’’ on handshakes for women
There are many different handshakes but ultimately there are only two important ones to choose from. Hard or soft? Which one is the right way and how to come across as strong but not overbearing? How to leave a positive first impression? Our course not only walks you through all the possibilities out there but also gives real-life examples and suggestions for going in for a shake in varying situations. Read up on our points and stop thinking about it as with the knowledge of how to shake hands the right way there is no room for doubt to be left in your mind.

● The extensive to-the-point package features a 32 slide PowerPoint flash course as well as a mini PDF ebook of 10 pages
● A handshake is the first physical contact you ever make with a person and it leaves a huge impression. If you want to get that call back after the business mixer you better get it right
● Little things might seem meaningless in everyday life but every last detail matters in entrepreneurship, people will observe you and make conclusions. Let those be good ones
● Both of the files in the kit can be downloaded and stored on multiple devices. To view them all you need is a PDF reader and/or PowerPoint
● There is a possibility for you to print the course, for safe keeping
● For better results copy the PowerPoint course flash file to CD/DVD and not a flash drive.


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