Business Handshaking: MEN + BONUSES

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How vigorously to shake that hand: Men
Handshakes. There are many types of them. A fathers warning to a new boy in his daughter’s life, a nervous sweaty palm in an important job interview, the hand hug that says ‘’thanks’’ for a good deed done. But what form of shake to use when meeting potential investors, a future employer or a new business partner? What is appropriate and what would be considered going overboard? Our course answers the age-old questions of how to, when and where as well as gives you multiple handshake options to choose from. Study the etiquette of leaving a great impression at first encounters.

● The speedy flash course gets straight to the point and is presented in an easily understandable manner. It consists of a PowerPoint presentation of 32 slides as well as a mini PDF ebook of 7 pages
● Every detail in business is observed. The more polished your act the bigger possibility that people will be impressed and interested in working with you
● The first thing you do when meeting somebody new or already known is share a handshake with them. This is where impressions start to form
● The files can be downloaded and stored on multiple devices. If it supports PDF and/or PowerPoint, it can display the package contents
● Hard copies can be made of both files, if lights ever go out at an inconvenient moment you can retreat to your printed lessons
● For better results copy the PowerPoint course flash file to CD/DVD and not a flash drive.


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