Quick Start Kit: Business Startup Program


This phenomenal set of motivational mp3s is just the thing you wanted to encourage you to overcome fears and apprehensions to start a business and be your own boss.


Do you need to get motivated to start your business? Do you want to get help right away with your business start up? No time to take a class because of your busy schedule? This program is for you! Simply listen to these mp3s at home, work or play.




1. Successful Business Startup, 15 min.

2. Why are you Afraid? 5 min.

3. Visualize Your Business Success, 15 min.

4. Visualize Your Career Success, 15 min.

5. Steps to Success Business Series, 5 min.

6. Getting Started – Intro. to Create Your Own Job Series, 20 min.

7. Guide to Starting a Business – Ebook, PDF

BONUS Your Colors Look Great, 7 min.

BONUS Color, 16 min.



(NEW- without box – Your package will be direct downloaded immediately in PDF and MP3 formats.)





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