Five Steps to Making a Positive First Impression . . . Boys


Get your hands on this award-winning personal development training kit to learn how you can make that killer first impression.  The easy-to-comprehend motivational audio series and ebooks make understanding the basics a breeze. Also avail $350 free bonus gifts with this package, comprising seven programs that will work wonders to your personality development.



Five Steps to Making a Positive First Impression . . . Boys

Personal Development Training Kit

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Make a positive and lasting impression when meeting your teachers, classmates, interviewers and others for the first time.


This excellent self paced program lists some of the topics to address when making a positive first impression.  As you know, a first impression is the first feelings and thoughts a person has when he sees and listen to you for the first time. This first impression is influenced by the way you look, act, dress, and talk.  As a student your peer’s first impression of you will determine whether you make new friends or not.  During an interview, the first impression an interviewer has of you will influence his final hiring decision.  This program will help you avoid some obstacles that may prevent you from making a positive first impression.  This program will provide the participants with valuable information they need to make a positive first impression.  Participants will learn how to always make a positive first impression; greeting others with a smile; using direct eye contact when talking to someone; dressing appropriately for the occasion; using the right hair style; choosing the right products for your skin tone; holding your head up and showing confidence in yourself; using the proper introduction; and the proper way to do a handshake.  This is the ultimate self help guide where the young boy who wants to learn how to become a gentleman can do it. You will have a great time gifting yourself, friends, family, employees, and other deserving acquaintances with this unique program.






Program contains an introduction letter, workbook, bio and resources, journal, assignment journal, personal color wheel, and quiz.  $350 in FREE Bonuses!  MINI EBOOKS and ARTICLES include:  Career Networking, Hair Care for Teen Boys, Improving Your Self-Esteem in the Workplace, How to Cope with Stress, Why a Smile is So Important, Tips on Keeping Your Skin Looking Young and Healthy, and 10 Things Teenage Boys Should Know About Being Fashionable. BROCHURE: Networking for Teens: 7 Tips for Success and much more.  We also include two motivational audios on Steps to Success Career and Steps to Success Business, mp3s.


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