Create Your Own Job Series Business Training Kit


This best-selling business training kit is just what you wanted to unravel the secrets to successfully launching your own business! With seven easy-to-understand programs, the training kit comes with $1,297 FREE Bonus Gifts!



Learn the Secrets to Successfully Launching Your Own Business!

Need a job and can’t find one?  Starting any business is always a difficult challenge. This program provides you with several businesses you can get up and running with limited capital.  There are authoritative answers to these basic questions: “How do I begin?”, and “What business should I get into?”  Take control of your life by becoming your own boss. This program emphasizes the need for a strategic business plan and proper management of finances.   Also included in the downloadable eBook are links to local and government websites to assist you in the start-up and ongoing management of your business.  Constructive suggestions on how to improve areas of weakness are also provided.  This 2-DVD Set, PowerPoint Flash, is an excellent self paced program.  This is an educational, instructional, and inspirational program with valuable information on business start-up.





This business start-up training software contains PowerPoint flash presentations, introduction letters, quizzes, workbooks, bio, resources, getting started and finding your niche checklist forms, journal, making your own journal, construction resources, PPT table of contents, import-export resources and terminologies, brochure and business card and customer order form templates, gift basket themes, gift basket assembly, wholesale suppliers, list of speaking topics, website links to 100 famous speeches, and $1,297 in FREE Bonuses!  EBOOKS and MINI-EBOOKS include: Business Networking, The Business Plan – Sample Contents, Pricing Products and Setting Fees, Starting an Import Export-Business, How to Start a Gift Basket Business, Public Speaking: Removing Your Fears, and Say It the Right Way Communication.  Download – “Guide to Starting a Business.”  We also include a Quick Start program with several motivational audios.


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