Business Inspirational (7 Ebook Bundle)

  Get your hands on this series of seven fairly easy to read and comprehend business inspirational mini eBooks, with motivational thoughts to help reach your life’s goals.

This is a series of seven business inspirational mini eBooks written in simple language and easy to understand. It is another tool to use and apply to your circumstances in business and life. The information in these mini eBooks will help you reach your personal and professional goals.

  1. Career Networking: Find the Job You Want in the Workplace
  2. Dealing with Difficult People & Situations
  3. Dressing for Success – Men
  4. Dressing for Success – Women
  5. Improving Your Self-Esteem in the Workplace
  6. Leadership
  7. Managing Stress

(Your package will be direct downloaded immediately in PDF format.)   Satisfaction-Guaranteed



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