A Touch of Inspiration – Part 2 The Waters Poetry Collection


The audio download with inspiration poems and messages of love is your ultimate recourse to finding peace within you. Uplift your spirit and heal your soul with the daily words of encouragement.


This CD includes inspirational poems with messages of love and hope. These messages will help to uplift the spirit, heal the soul and provide daily words of encouragement. Soothing background music added to help you relax.



1. Thinking of You 2:35
2. Friends Again at Last! 1:33
3. Special Day Wishes 1:33
4. My Precious Mom 1:48
5. Ma Ma Said No! 1:42
6. Love Your Neighbor 1:47
7. Thank You 1:00
8. Choices 1:30
9. One Penny 1:22
10. I Cry for the Homeless 3:02
11. I Forgive You 1:31
12. My Little Hands 1:06
13. My Little Feet 1:06
14. My Friend 1:06

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